1. What Company are you in?

2. Describe your job responsibilities as a 1SG?

3. What are the item’s # 4, 9 & 5 of the TWG Code of Conduct?

4. Explain to me what is chain of command & how it work’s?

5. When is it OK to jump the Chain of Command?

6. What is the most important job an officer can perform?

7. You have an active member but they don't have the recruiting requirements for their next rank. How do you handle it?

8.Explain the steps used to recruit someone into TWG? Also how would you teach someone how to recruit?

9.What is the ranking structure from PVT-MAJ?

10. What are the job responsibilities as a SGM

11. What can your superior officers do to help you be a better officer?

12. Do you have the authority to kick someone out of TWG?

13. Can you demote or RS a lower rank?

14. Give a brief description of what TWG mean to you?If you are not yet familiar with the Code of Conduct, make it an effort to do so.

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2 LT
Thugs with guns

1.alpha company

Saturday 25 Aug, 2012 @ 01:51PM